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Musicians and Song Set Lists for 2010

Dukes of September Players

Jon Herington - lead guitar
Freddie Washington - bass
Jim Beard - organ
Michael White - drums
Walt Weiskopf - saxophone
Jay Collins - saxophone
Michael Leonhart - trumpet
Catherine Russell - backup vocals
Carolyn Leonhart-Escoffery - backup vocals

Dukes San Francisco, CA Set List

The Dukes of September Rhythm Revue
October 1, 2010
Banjo Stage
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA

01 Heighty Hi *
02 Don't Mess Up A Good Thing
03 Shakedown Street
04 You Never Can Tell
05 I've Got News For You
06 Green Flower Street
07 I Keep Forgetting
08 Rock Steady
09 Rag Mama Rag
10 The Shape I'm In
11 I Love The Life I Live
12 Cadillac Walk
13 What A Fool Believes
14 I.G.Y.
15 Lowdown
16 Takin' It To The Streets
17 (introductions)
18 Reeling In The Years
19 Peg
20 Something In The Air
21 Them Changes
22 Love Train

TRT: 1h52m

Dukes Kansas City, MO Set List

Kansas City, MO
The Starlight Theatre
September 18, 2010

Sookie Sookie, Heighty Hi, Don't Mess Up A Good Thing, Shakedown Street, You Never Can Tell, I've Got News For You, Green Flower Street, Miss Sun, I Keep Forgettin', Rock Steady, Rag Mama Rag, The Shape I'm In, Love T.K.O., I Love The Life I Live, I Live the Life I Love, Cadillac Walk, What A Fool Believes, I.G.Y., Lowdown, Takin' It To The Streets, Reelin' In The Years, Love Train, Help Me Rhonda, Them Changes

Dukes St. Paul, MN Set List

St. Paul, MN
Minnesota State Fair
September 6, 2010

Sookie Sookie [Don Covay] (1965)
Heighty Hi [Lee Michaels] (1969)
Don't Mess Up a Good Thing [Fontella Bass & Bobby McGuire] (1965)  
Shakedown Street [Grateful Dead] (1978)
You Never Can Tell [Chuck Berry] (1964)
I Got News for You [Ray Charles] (1961)
Green Flower Street [Donald Fagen] (1982)
Miss Sun [Boz Scaggs] (1981)
I Keep Forgettin' [Michael McDonald] (1982)
Rock Steady [Aretha Franklin](1971)
King Harvest [The Band] (1969)
Rag Mama Rag [The Band] (1969)
The Shape I'm In [The Band] (1970)
Love TKO [Teddy Pendergerass] (1980)
I Love the Life I Live [Muddy Waters] (1957)
Cadillac Walk [Mink Deville] (1977)
What a Fool Believes [Doobie Brothers] (1978)
I.G.Y. [Donald Fagen] (1982)
Lowdown [Boz Scaggs] (1976)
Takin It to the Streets [Doobie Brothers] (1976)

Reelin in the Years [Steely Dan] (1973)
Them Changes [Buddy Miles] (1970)

Dropped from the setlist due to Rain delay:
Love Train [The O'Jays] (1972)
Help Me Rhonda [Beach Boys] (1965)
Something In the Air [Thunderclap Newman] (1969)​​​

Dukes Boston, MA Set List

Boston, MA
Wang Theatre
August 31, 2010

1. "Sookie Sookie (Don Covay) Instrumental
2. "Heighty Hi " (Lee Michaels) All
3. "Don't Mess Up A Good Thing" (Fontella
Bass and Bobby McClure) Mike and Catherine duet
4. "Shakedown Street" (Grateful Dead) Donald
5. "You Never Can Tell" (Chuck Berry) Boz
6. "I Got News For You" (Ray Charles) Michael
7. "Green Flower Street" Donald
8. "Miss Sun" Boz
9. "I Keep Forgettin" Mike
10. "Rock Steady" (Aretha Franklin) Carolyn
11. "Caledonia Mission" (The Band) Donald
12. "Rag Mama Rag" (The Band) Boz
13. "The Shape I'm In" (The Band) Michael
14. "Love TKO" (Teddy Pendergrass) Boz
15. "I Love the Life I Live" (Muddy Waters) Catherine
16. "What A Fool Believes" Michael
17. "Cadillac Walk" (Mink Deville) Boz
18. "I.G.Y." Donald
19. "Lowdown" Boz
20. "Takin' It To The Streets" Michael
21. "Reelin' In The Years" (1972 version) Donald
22. "Love Train" (O Jays) All

23. "Help Me Rhonda" (Beach Boys) All
24. "Something In The Air" (Thunderclap Newman) All
24. "Them Changes" (Buddy Miles) Michael
25. "Sookie Sookie" (Don Covay) Instrumental/Girls


Here's the set list, along with who was on vocals.

Sookie Sookie (Catherine Russell, Carolyn Leonhart)
Heighty Hi (all)
Don't Mess Up A Good Thing (Catherine Russell and Michael McDonald)
Shakedown Street (Don)
You Never Can Tell (Boz)
I Got News For You (Mike)
Green Flower Street (Don)
Miss Sun (Boz and Carolyn Leonhart)
I Keep Forgetting (Mike)
Rock Steady (Carolyn Leonhart)
Caledonia Mission (Don)
Rag Mama Rag (Boz)
The Shape I'm In (all)
Love TKO (Boz)
Cadillac Walk (Boz)
IGY (Don)
What a Fool Believes (Mike)
I Live the Life I Love (Catherine Russel)
Lowdown (Boz)
Takin It To The Street (Mike and Catherine Russell)
Reelin in the Years (Don)
Love Train (all)
Help Me Rhonda (All)
Them Changes (Mike)
Sookie Sookie as outro (Catherine Russell, Carolyn Leonhart)


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