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"For the second set, the Allman Brothers welcomed long-rumored special guest Boz Scaggs on guitar and vocals. Unlike most of the guests we’ve seen so far, Scaggs actually played and recorded with Duane - most notably on the single Loan Me A Dime back in 1969. Scaggs sat in on It Takes A Lot To Laugh (It Takes A Train To Cry), Sick and Tired and Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City before delivering the highlight of the night - an intense Loan Me A Dime that found Derek Trucks channeling Skydog throughout. Boz left the stage to a well-deserved standing ovation."

Allman Brothers Band Set list
March 13, 2009

Beacon Theatre

Set 1
Midnight Rider
Don’t Keep Me Wonderin
Done Somebody Wrong
New Instrumental
Into The Mystic w/The Asbury Jukes
One Way Out w/Bruce Willis
Smokestack Lightning w/Bruce Willis
Southbound w/The Asbury Jukes

Set 2
It’s Takes A Lot To Laugh (It Takes A Train To Cry) w/Boz Scaggs
Sick and Tired w/Boz Scaggs and The Asbury Jukes
Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City w/Boz Scaggs and The Asbury Jukes
Loan Me A Dime w/Boz Scaggs and The Asbury Jukes
The Same Thing w/The Asbury Jukes
Wasted Words
No One To Run With

Whipping Post

The Asbury Jukes Horns are:
Richie Rosenberg "La Bamba": Trombone
Eddie Manion: Baritone Sax
Mark Pender: Trumpet
Chris Anderson: Trumpet
Joey Stann: Tenor Sax

Boz Scaggs Beacon Interview

Boz Scaggs talks about his beginnings and the late great Dwayne Allman

Allman Brothers Beacon Review

The Allman Brothers Band: Beacon Residency 2009; You Can Go Home Again

By: David Schultz

If Sergio Leone were to make The Good, The Bad & The Ugly in modern times, Eli Wallach would tell Clint Eastwood that there are two types of people in this world: those who know that The Allman Brothers Band residency is a sacred event and those who are too ignorant to know better. After a year hiatus – the 2008 run of shows were postponed and ultimately canceled when Gregg Allman’s treatment for Hepatitis C left him physically unable to perform – the venerable Allman Brothers Band returned refreshed and reinvigorated to the newly renovated Beacon Theater.

To mark the 40th anniversary of the formation of the band as well as the 20th anniversary of their first Beacon residency, this year’s set of fifteen shows over a three week span was dedicated to the memory of founding member Duane Allman. As with most years, the Allmans' invasion of the Beacon sounded a testosterone laden siren call. Women who were looking for slightly overweight, highly intoxicated men in their forties or fifties with fading hairlines, vintage tie-dyes and a love of proper classic rock could have rummaged the Beacon’s aisles like a sale at Filene’s Basement. While the residency attracted its fair share of female guests, the shows were likely the only ones in recent memory where the women could waltz by a bathroom line of nearly a hundred guys and walk right into a nearly vacant ladies room.

Throughout the three week run, the Allmans mixed in a healthy smattering of blues based standards, their own and others, to amaze the discerning listener but mixed enough of their better known songs to satisfy the less-studied Allman Brothers fan. Right from the outset it became clear that Gregg Allman had returned to the stage in fine form, his vocals stronger and more sustained than in past years and his playing more focused and inspired. Overshadowing the elder Allman as well as the rest of the band, Derek Trucks’ presence on stage no longer needs to be qualified by facts like “miraculous guitar prodigy” or “Butch’s nephew.” Trucks has matured and developed into a force of nature and in trading licks at the Beacon with the likes of Eric Clapton, Trey Anastasio and Buddy Guy, edged his way onto the mantle of this generation’s preeminent guitarists. At every show, Trucks and Warren Haynes played off each other so compatibly that it hardly mattered what song they were playing, they crafted something new and entertaining at every turn. In fact, the only new song offered over the three weeks was an Trucks/Haynes instrumental that may or not be entitled “Orpheo.” On opening night, the two slipped snippets of Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” and “Third Stone From The Sun” into their solos and the whole band took to riffing on The Grateful Dead’s “The Other One” with extraordinary frequency.

Duane Allman’s “Little Martha,” the only Allmans song solely authored by the Skydog, served as another of the residency’s recurrent themes. Haynes and Trucks opened the entire run with an acoustic rendition of the tune and the guitarists and bassist Oteil Burbridge would continually weave Allman’s lilting melody into most night’s set list. In addition to Trucks’ emergence, Burbridge finding his true comfort zone within the band was another of the residency’s finer developments. Since joining the band in the late 90s as Allen Woody’s replacement, Burbridge has brought a jazzy influence into the Allmans camp. Playing with ebullience, Burbridge wound some intricate bass lines around a rotating cast of All Star guitarists. His bass and drums segments still prove less than enthralling but when he doesn’t have to front the band, Burbridge works wonders.

The powerful delivery of the trifecta of drummers, original members Jaimoe and Butch Trucks and percussionist Marc Quinones, remains potent. Trucks does the majority of the heavy lifting, playing with the energy of someone half his age while Quinones, with his wide variety of percussion, adds the little flourishes and flutters that aren’t always noticeable yet their absence would be devastating. Livelier than in years past, Jaimoe still works at a steadier, more deliberate pace from the other two, providing old school, R&B drum fills to complement the heavy onslaught.

This year, those who didn’t get into the shows weren’t frozen out of the excitement. Spearheaded by Butch Trucks, Moogis, a cutting edge streaming video service centered on bringing the live concert experience to people’s laptops, brought all fifteen shows to the Web on an on-demand basis. Using the ABB’s fan forum as a sampling group, the Moogis Webcasts were a huge success with the Peachheads praising the service in between such pithy and insightful comments like “Derek nailed that,” “Warren is on tonight” and “Kid Rock sucks.”

By dedicating the residency to the memory of Duane Allman, the Allmans inspired extra scrutiny and serious prognostication as to the potential guests. In light of the focus on the Skydog, appearances by Boz Scaggs, Bonnie Bramlett, John Hammond and Jerry Jemmott and Bernard Purdie of the King Curtis Band weren’t entirely unexpected with Clapton’s sit-in for two shows mid-run marking the Friends-Of-Duane high point. Bearing less of a relationship to the famed founding member, but fun nonetheless, Kid Rock, Robert Randolph, Bruce Willis and Sheryl Crow all graced the Beacon stage at varying points in time.

On opening night, Taj Mahal brought his girth and bluesy growl for runs through “Leavin’ Trunk” and “44 Blues” and with images of the blues greats of yesteryear being shown behind them, as has become the custom for the song, Mahal fronted a bar-brawling version of “Statesboro Blues.” The first night’s second set belonged to beloved drummer Levon Helm, who travelled down from Woodstock with Larry Campbell, Teresa Williams and Brian Mitchell. Kicking off the set with “Opheila,” “I Shall Be Released” and “The Weight,” Helm and his Midnight Ramble regulars recreated the communal feel of his upstate get togethers.

Later on during the first week, Buddy Guy brought his age-defying energy to the stage for “The Sky Is Crying” and “You Don’t Love Me.” However, for “Southbound,” Trey Anastasio and Page McConnell, fresh off Phish’s reunion shows in Hampton, Virginia, brought the house down simply by walking on the stage. For the second set, Anastasio and McConnell returned for lengthy renditions of “I Know You Rider” and “In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed” with the Allmans continuing in their absence with elongated versions of ‘Dreams” and ‘Jessica.”

With such a focus on the each night’s guests, the March 26th show, which marked the actual 40th anniversary of the band’s formation, stood out for their absence. As the fans that had been diligently monitoring each night’s shows, either through set lists or their online Moogis broadcasts, made clear, no other guest but estranged founding guitarist Dickey Betts would suffice. Instead of subjecting any guest to a round of “were they worthy?” the ABB paid tribute to Duane Allman by playing the two studio albums released during his lifetime: offering The Allman Brothers Band as Set 1 and Idlewild South as Set 2. In going back to the early days, Allman sang more in one night than on multiple nights combined, his voice strong and fresh yet with an aged and wizened quality that only served to enhance the bombast of “Whipping Post” and the subtleties of “Trouble No More” and “Leave My Blues At Home.”

Despite visits from Paul Riddle of the Marshall Tucker Band and The [Grateful] Dead’s Bob Weir and Phil Lesh, the shows from the last weekend reportedly lost some of the steam that had made the prior thirteen nights an enriching experience. Nodding to the next generation of Allmans, Gregg’s son Devon joined in for “Midnight Rider” and Berry Oakley, Jr. lent his bass for “One Way Out” and “Southbound.” Over the course of 15 shows in a three week span, the Allman Brothers Band engaged in a little rock and roll revivalism that went beyond reawakening interest in the Southern rock stalwarts back catalog. By showcasing the blues as a vital and living entity, the Allmans recharged and enlivened interest in the whole genre. If you managed to attend more than one show and not feel the need to acquire some old blues recordings, you weren’t paying close enough attention.

Performance Video

Boz Scaggs and Allman Brothers Band
"Loan Me A Dime"
Beacon Theater NYC
March 13, 2009



Audio Recordings Available on CD


Hittin The Note are pleased to annouce the release of the various Beacon shows from 2009 by The Allman Brothers.

To commemorate their 40th anniversary, The Allman Brothers Band is releasing a Beacon Box live CD package, capturing all 15 sold-out shows from the group’s recent March stand at the venerable Beacon Theatre in New York City.  This is the first time the band has made CDs available from their annual visits to New York, which date back to 1989 and includes 188 consecutive sold-out shows at the Beacon.

This run was dedicated to the memory of Duane Allman, seminal guitarist and founder of the band, and to help celebrate Duane’s legacy, 60 special guests shared the stage with the Allman Brothers Band.  The list includes a “Who’s Who” of rock, jazz and jams greats, including Levon Helm, Taj Mahal, Buddy Guy, Boz Scaggs, Johnny Winter, Sheryl Crow, Jimmy Herring, John Bell, Stanley Clarke, Kid Rock, Bonnie Bramlett, Robert Randolph, John Hammond, Billy Gibbons, David Hidalgo, Cesar Rosas, Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jerry Jammott, Bernard Purdie, Jimmy Smith, Chuck Leavell, Jimmy Hall, Susan Tedeschi, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh and many others.  Also appearing for two nights with the band was the inimitable Eric Clapton, who teamed with Duane Allman to record Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs in 1970; considered by many critics to be the finest guitar album of all time.  This marked the first time Clapton had played with the Allman Brothers Band in a public setting. 

The fact that the band performed at its considerable best in its 40th year is a remarkable testament to the talents of America’s finest live performance group, and all the magic of timeless classics, newer tunes and spectacular cover songs shines through on the Beacon Box live CD package.  The 15 historical shows will be packaged in a custom-made, hand-crafted box, made to look like the Beacon Theatre’s marquee.

In addition to the Beacon concerts, this box set will include a special bonus performance of the Allman Brothers Band at Warren Haynes’ 20th annual Christmas Jam which occurred in December of 2008.  Also included in the box set will be 40 exclusive photos taken during the run by ABB Tour Mystic, Kirk West.  Shows are also available on an individual basis as well, so take advantage of this once in a lifetime offer to savor a once in a lifetime event.

March 13, 2009
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