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Welcome to the Official Boz Scaggs Fan site.

We're definitely here to share and enlighten... but...

Most of you will come here to look up Boz Scaggs information for personal use.  We're happy about that!  We love to share news and information with fans and friends of Boz Scaggs regarding his past and future endeavors.  It is when a person comes to our site and literally 'lifts' our ENTIRE content (and then claims it as being the result of their own hard work) that unfortunately needs to be addressed. 

It has come to our attention that some recently registered domain has spent the past year or so creating a mirror copy of the Boz Scaggs Official Fan Site using our files, photos, reviews, layout design and lyrics (that I've personally spent the past 30+ years transcribing along with the input of a few wonderful Boz-o-philes at the Boz Scaggs Group).  We've found that our files have been copied verbatim without, of course, any attribution or credit being given to the person, persons, or group of fans from which it originated and those that truly fulfilled the difficult task and years of dedicated hard work in developing the 'Boz Scaggs Archives' (uh-huh, that would be us!), but merely a statement falsely claiming to viewers that they had done the work, while mistakenly believing that they have all the justifications for copying our content.  We do not view this as a compliment but as being unethical and immature to blatantly steal our content... All purloined in order to set up an emulous site to the one in which we have so dutifully created here.

So please, if you are a site owner looking for Boz lyrics or information to use, please just ask, and give credit where credit is due. We do!

With Love & Happiness,

The Boz Scaggs Music Community

"You can be
Anyone you wanna be
So why you wanna be
Someone else"

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