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Virgin Records America
Cat: 7243 8 10635 2 1
Sept 11, 2001


1.   Payday
2.   Sarah
3.   Miss Riddle
4.   I Just Go
5.   Get On the Natch
6.   Desire
7.   Call That Love
8.   King of El Paso
9.   You're Not
10. Vanishing Point
11. Thanks To You


Guitar: Boz Scaggs, Danny Kortchmar, Ray Parker Jr., Steve Lukather
Drums: Robin DiMaggio, Steve Jordan
Bass: Nathan East, Steve Jordan
Keyboards & Synths: David Paich,
Piano:  Greg Phillinganes
Trumpet: Roy Hargrove Jr.
Background Vocals: Monet, David Paich
Percussion: Joe Bonadio, Robin DiMaggio
Cello: Martin Tillman
Programming: Michael Rodriguez

Produced By: Danny Kortchmar and David Paich
Recorded at:
ATS Studio; Los Angeles
   Engineer: Jeff Sutcliff
Acme Studios; Mamarondek, NY
   Engineer: Peter Dennenberg
Meac Studios, San Francisco, CA
   Engineer: Steve MacMillan
Mixed at Presence Studios, Westport, CT

Special Thanks: Dominique, Maggie, Lorraine, Craig Fruin, Suzana Haugh, Mary Hogan, Ray, Ashley, Tony, Patti Russell, Tony and Kevin
Photography: Ken Schles
Design: Carol Bobolts/Red Herring Design
Art Direction: Mary Fagot

1. Payday

(B. Scaggs / D. Paich)

Hey you stepping
on my head
Why you have to throw those
rocks at my bed
Must you shout or could you kindly keep it down
Do we really need an apocalypse right now

Where´s my sunshine
sunshine was my friend
She was good to me
right until the end
Where I left her
yeah well it's hard to tell
Got to call her
just as soon as I get well

Come Payday everybody gets straight
Talkin 'bout my Payday hey hey
Better get out of my way

I don´t mind the job
the work's no big deal
It´s how they treat you
and the way they make you feel
I'll take my check
you take your mood
And let´s just say, whatever man,
whatever gets you through

Because it's Payday
I'm blowin the blues away
Talkin' about my Payday hey hey
Don't be waitin' up for me

Brothers, Sisters
Tonight we party, tonight we're dancing
Yeah, we're talking the ultimate smash
of a lifetime
And this one's on me

Sometimes it's like a war in here
I'm facing down alone
Ever since I woke up
I've felt it in my bones
Waiting for that hour
is all that keeps me clear
There's gonna be some lightning
strikin man
when I get out of here

Because it's payday
better stay out of my way
Talking about some heyday
Man it's all coming home

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2. Sarah

(B. Scaggs / D. Kortchmar/ A. J. Lerner / F. Loewe)

Thinking about Sarah
that's heaven to me
You don't know my girl
but she's right as right can be

It's like yonder mockingbird
In the cottonwood tree
You don't change that, no
it's meant to be

And that's the soul of a southern girl
Gonna set you free

When we go walking
on a summer's eve
We take the long way home
that's guaranteed

Thinking about Sarah
that's heaven to me
Thinking about my Sarah girl
she is love to me

Sitting there by her window
sunshine in her hair
Sun can't help but love her
in fact I think he's jealous of her
Because he's just passing through
and she is ever Sarah

And that's the soul of a southern girl
Gonna set you free

Sure as that river
is gonna run to the sea
Sure as the sun's gonna shine
she's there for me

Thinking about Sarah
that's heaven to me
Thinking about my Sarah girl
She is love she is love

Like those lazy willows
playing in the summer breeze
She's got that that easy rhythm
swinging right along with them
But they're just melodies
in a symphony called Sarah

She sets me free
And that's the soul of my southern girl
And she sets me free

Thinking about Sarah
That's righteous to me
Thinking about my Sarah

Rick: What was the inspiration behind "Sarah"?

Boz: The inspiration was Danny Kortchmar's musical track. He had sent me a few pieces to consider writing words for and putting melodies to. And this one was a bit strange. The first time I heard it, it was unsettling to me as a musical piece because it had these unresolved chords that were very irritating. As a matter of fact, I played it for David Paich, and he had the same impression. But because it came from Danny, and knowing that there's a genius behind a lot of what he does and presents, I gave it another couple of listens.

And I found in listening to it again - and in humming and singing into it - this wonderful character. I found this wonderful dark beauty in the song and in the changes. And in singing it, a comfortable, easy little melody kept coming out, and I fell into the idea of a Southern girl. I'm not from the Southwest, but I've been close to the South in my upbringing and because of my fathers heritage, but there's something so easy and familiar about falling into the style of a beautiful Southern girl, and that seemed to marry up with the way I was feeling about this little melody that came out of Danny's song.

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3. Miss Riddle

(B. Scaggs / D. Paich / M. Rodriguez)

Hey Miss Riddle I'm stuck in the middle again
I don't know how but you've got me playing both ends
Of a game I should know all about
That you came and turned inside out
Hey Hey Miss Riddle I'm stuck in the middle again

It's a long way home, it's late, and yet we pretend
It's a long way home when you call last night just friends
So cool so clear so nonchalant
So absolutely what I want
Hey hey Miss Riddle I'm stuck in the middle again

I've heard a lot of talk about how you were sizing me up
A line or two you've dropped about but don't let me interrupt
Your game Miss Riddle I'm stuck in the middle again

I found out why those birds go looking for spring
I found out what those dizzy heights can bring
Because I've found your lips so awfully nice
One stop south of paradise
Whatcha say Miss Riddle
What say we do it again

Hey Miss Riddle I'm stuck in the middle again
I don't know how but you've got me playing both ends
Of a game I should know all about
That you came and turned inside out
Hey hey Miss Riddle I'm stuck in the middle again

Whatcha say Miss Riddle I say we do it again

It's a long way home
Whatcha say we stop it
Whatcha say we drop it
Whatcha say Miss Riddle
What say we do it again, again, again, again

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4. I Just Go

(B. Scaggs)

Don't know why I wandered off
last night
I was having a good time
and feeling all right
Feeling right at home with you
Guess I hadn't had enough though
or something
and I just go

Saw some of my old running boys
over by the back door
Having a laugh thought I'd say hello
been a while
Then one thing leads to another
I guess
and anyway  I just go

I didn't know 'til you left word for me
your concern about where
I'd disappeared to
And it never crossed my mind
that I'd worried you or been
unkind in doing so

And I'm so so sorry I took off so fast
that you felt abandoned and left
out like that
Please understand
See I just don't pay much mind
sometimes  I just go

I need you to know
How I long to do
all you want me to
I'd go anywhere at all
anytime you call to comfort you

And I take every word or your advice
I'd make any kind of sacrifice
to let you know
But there's this other voice
calling me sometimes  and I just go

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5. Get On The Natch

(B. Scaggs / D. Kortchmar / A. Bond / Gen Johnson / G. Perry)

Oh sleeping beauty it's time to wake up
  and get ready for a brand new day
It's the new millennium and time to rise
  maybe think in a different way

Take a deep breath have a look around
  are you happy with what you see
If your body's fit and your mind is clear
  no reason you ought not to be

If some joker's trying to sell you
  some new sport drink
Just tell him that you'll have to pass
You're paying three times as much
  for his bottle of water
As you're paying for a gallon of gas

'Cause everything counts even in small amounts
  when you're working towards a goal
It's not about simple thirsts and hungers
  but satisfying your soul

Get on the natch  And don't talk back
Get on the natch  Get off your booty
Get on the natch  Well allarootie
I can't tell you what to do  do  do

You eat a bucket of grease and a can full of sugar
  you're adding to the critical mass
Pretty soon you're gonna need a new wardrobe
  to cover your big new ass

I ain't sayin' slim is beautiful
  or you got to be some showdog
But go down to the gym
  or find a place to swim
And ask the doctor if you can't jog

If not your body  your memory
  think back to what it was like as a kid
When you were running and climbing and
   jumping  around
  having fun with the things you did
It's not easy  it's hard at first
  when you're breaking the old routine
Get off your behind  cut some TV time
  and try reading that magazine

Get on the natch  And don't talk back
Get on the natch
   Get back in here  you little....
Get on the natch  Well allarootie
I can't tell you what to do  do  do

You better watch out it's alright to cry
  but we don't like nobody whines
And being cool ain't acting son
  it's like read between the lines
Try a little dignity  have self respect
  and you'll reap just waht you sow
If you're not sure about something
  don't worry about it
Just tell 'em - I don't know -

Get on the natch  Don't talk back
Get on the natch
   And get your feet off teh couch
Get on the natch  Well allarootie
I can't tell you what to do  do  do

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6. Desire

(B. Scaggs / D. Paich / G. Phillinganes)

So much desire in the world today
So much of everything, you can't give it away
You could be happy, but you're feeling so bad
about what you never have
Because you can't look at nothing
without wanting it and you know that's the truth

There's always some scene
you think you got to break into
For a new sensation
to intoxicate you
Ain't it a drag, staring through the glass
at something doesn't touch you really
or bring you laughter  or roses
or stroke your hair so tenderly

Stealing you away from me
You're living in a dream
Getting the best of you

Who was it told you you have to
have everything you see
Same one sold you that last fantasy
Roll up your sleeves
and use those hands for something
that's gonna work for you baby
To fill your arms   and your heart with joy

Stealing you away from me
You're living in a dream
Getting the best of you

Now look into your mirror
Could you stand a little nearer
and look her in the eye
A lot depends on what you see
Now look away baby
Look my way baby
You'll see


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7. Call That Love

(B. Scaggs / J. Walroth / D. Kortchmar / D. Paich / S. Jordan)

Well there's a fire up the road
burnin' 'bout five foot three
I feel the heat all the way down here
so she's getting to me

It's comin' on strong
like a beautiful bolt from the blue
She puts the heat in my Havana
the bee in my boogaloo

Call that love
I call it lighting up the grid
Call that love
I call it blowing off the lid
Call that love
I call it brimstone lightning
soul uptightening
"Cause that's what it is

Just like you don't know what it is
til you open up a bottle of wine
It's some well kept secret
that was waiting there all the time

She's raging through my mainframe
burning out my circuitry
And there's a fullblown Frankenstein
monster wakin up in me

Call that love
I call it burning down the mainframe
Call that love
I call it speeding up the end game
Call that love
I call it running in the red,
sitting on a powder keg
'Cause that's what it is

Lord, how can this be
All of this for me

Call it dreams on fire
Call it heart's desire
It's a lowdown feeling
The best that you've ever had

It's no sign from above
It's call love sweet love
You can call it what you want to
But don't try to understand

Call it rocking my world
Call it lightning bolts
Call it turning the key
Just you and me
Call it cooking on the range
Getting signal gain
Is it too soon to know
Well, maybe so
Beaming on broadband
Drowing on dry land
Call it getting through
Call it me and you
Call it getting down
Going to town
Call that love

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8. King Of El Paso

(B. Scaggs / J. Walroth)

About a million stars in that desert sky
So high and lonesome it can make you want to cry
Or drive your young blood wild

And a burning glow above that northern ridge
Three day ride will get you straight down to old Juarez
A fool's El Dorado

He got a taste for Mescal and sweet perfume
Didn't take long to get him in the back room
All of sixteen and first taste of the border

There's a pile of bones out on the desert floor
All that's left of el Conquistador  the conqueror
I rode that beast down into the ground
Through every draw and every border town
That devil carried me
Watch a few go down to the fire or the rope
You leave little to chance and nothing to hope
An old 24 and nothing could hold me down

Ain't gonna ride no more

Cross it once you're gonna cross it again
Something keeps you coming back to that shadowland
And so I did for  the mysteries

Hear that old soul stirrer  slamming through the night
Tombstone train cuts its own daylight

Ain't gonna ride no more

Though my leather's worn  and my are cuffs in tatters
My head's on straight  and that's all that matters
If I lose a few moves it ain't no loss
'Cause there's only one border left for me to cross

Ain't gonna ride no more

They call me King Of El Paso and my advice
Mind that road between here and paradise

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9. You're Not

(B. Scaggs / D. Kortchmar)

I can read the papers
   but I can't read you
Cancel my subscription
   I'll take pay per view
Is this a lover from another planet
   made up to look like you
You're out there, honey
   and this is out of hand

Or is it all smoke and mirrors
   some holographic stunt I'm going through
Or is it voodoo
And though your fingers don't leave your hand
They just don't touch me anymore

Well, I see your face   it's here
And it's like your voice   is here
Your pretty pink mouth   it's hot
Everybody's here   you're not

Well I know you're in range
The jingle of your change
   is ringing a bell
This knee jerk show of affection
This sticky new confection
   I can't get it down

And even when you do that thing
   that kinky thing you do
Well you're getting too good
   You've been practicing without me
And I just don't recognize
   the space behind your eyes

Well you got your little dog   he's here
Even your good intent   it's here
You say you'll meet me
   and you're on the dot
The gang's all here   but you're not

I see the writing on the wall
Looks like I'm heading for a fall
But the supernatural fact
It's a disappearing act
   I'm about to debut
Why couldn't you be true

But you're not

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10. Vanishing Point

(B. Scaggs / D. Gioia / D. Paich)

I met him first out at the edge of nowhere
A last chance oasis on the plains
The sky was threatening as he came up to me
Said could you help me beat the rain

Where does it take you this road you travel
He smiled the same place as yourself
To that point  out there where all roads vanish
Going to Vegas man where else

Play it straight and play it true my brother
  'Cause you're miles from anywhere
As it happens in the world of shadows
  Time and distance vanish there

I was just another deadbeat loser
  there the last time
I couldn't even read the signs
But I've got this feeling and there's magic
  in the cards now
I'm going back to take what's mine

Play it straight and play it true my brother
  'Cause you're miles from anywhere
As it happens in the world of shadows
  Time and distance vanish there

What damned delusion in that neon lighting
A run of luck is in the air
Shining brighter than any flush of diamonds
A magic carpet of despair

Play it straight and play it true my brother
  'Cause you're miles from anywhere
As it happens in the world of shadows
  Time and distance vanish there

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11. Thanks To You

(B. Scaggs / D. Paich)

Thanks to you  I've got a reason to
get outta bed   make a move or two
and thanks to you   there's a net below
'cause otherwise   well I don't know
And thanks to you  there are promises
Of laughs and loves and labyrinths
And reason to suspect that I'm meant for this
A smile  a song   a tender kiss
Thanks to you

Thanks to you   there's a thing I think I know
I really mean   or variations on that theme
THanks to you   I have a time to turn
time to cool and time to burn
And thanks to you   there's something suddenly
too good to miss   in other words a way
through this
and just when one might feel so perfectly alone
There's someone else's stuff to trip on
besides one's own
Thanks to you

One can only guess what happens next
As it is I balk and stumble
Through a world gone quite absurd
Dodging shadows lurching through the rain
I'm not complaining but I'm caught
With or without you I'd have to get through this

So where does the genius go
When business is slow
And even dreaming has a way of scheming
To get you down
Likely off at some chateau
So how would we know
It gets as lonely up there as anywhere
Where moving over to make room
Once seemed impossible   it's not impossible
That one-handed applause
That unspoken word
That treefall in the forest
Someone finally heard
Thanks to you

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