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Boz Scaggs Concert Review - L.A. County Fair 2011

Boz Scaggs is the Boss of Us at the Toyota End of Summer Tour

Deborah Howell /94.7 The Wave

L.A. County Fairplex
Sept. 26, 2011

Boz Scaggs came out on stage..still svelt and fine after all these years and kicked his set off with “What Can I Say”….a massive roar from the crowd which morphed into everyone sighing happily and head-nodding to Jojo, which featured a blistering sax solo and dreamy background vocals.
Mr. Scaggs plays a mighty mean blues guitar, if you ever doubted it. And the mix was perfect…the drummer was in his plexiglass cage so you heard just enough drums without your ears bleeding. Also loved when they took a swing down thru New Orleans for some creole soul… Hey Pomona, it’s gettin’ swampy up in here! Eric Crystal was a BEAST on sax.
The song came on like a freight train. And if you felt the earth move on Saturday night, well that was just Boz and his boyz ridin’ a rocket at Mach Ten with Lowdown as the payload!
Hey Miss Sun done as a power duet with Monet was a revelation to behold. That’s Miss Monet to you, after that performance.

And when he did “Love, Look What You’ve Done To Me”, people just melted into each others’ arms. We were helpless at this point.
Do I even need to go into what the crowd was doing when Boz ratcheted the emotional level up even HIGHER with “We’re All Alone?” I need not. You can fill in the blanks.
What an outstanding set from such an unassuming guy. To pass him on the street, you’d never know in a million years that he has the passion of a volcano inside.
Lucky for us, he’s still passionate about sharing his mighty gifts on stage.

Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images for Songwriters Hall of Fame 

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