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1944     June 8       Born William Royce Scaggs in Canton, Ohio
1952 2/22 Brother Mark born
1958   Given the name Bosley by his friend Donald Lively at the age of 14.
1959   Boz in 2 bands, The Bacchanal Trio, which did the Kingston Trio at coffee clubs around Dallas; and as vocalist for the Marksmen, an R&B band organized by Steve Miller.
1959   1959 - 1962 Boz attends private high school in Dallas at St. Mark's
1959   Boz , at age 15, attends a Ray Charles concert in Dallas
1962   Boz joins Steve Miller at the University of Wisconsin, playing in bands the Ardells and the Fabulous Knght Trains
1963   Boz returned to Dallas alone, fronting an R&B unit dubbed the Wigs
1964   Boz lands in London, England with his R&B band "The Wigs"
1965   Boz records the Coasters tune, Searchin', with The Merrymen in Sweden.
1965 Sept. 30 Recorded "BOZ" in Stockholm, Sweden, putting his "busking music" on record.
1966   Boz "bums" around India, and then back to Stockholm..
1966 Dec. Boz returns home for the holidays but doesn't stay long.
1967 Sept. Boz joins Steve Miller Band in San Francisco
1969   Boz signs with Atlantic Records and records "Boz Scaggs" at a studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.
1971   Boz signs with Columbia Records and releases "Moments."
1971   Boz releases "Boz Scaggs & Band"
1972   Boz issues "My Time" splitting recording time between SF and Muscle Shoals.
1974 April Boz hooks up with Motown producer Johnny Bristol and releases "Slow Dancer"
1974 March Boz performs sold-out shows at the Paramount Theater in Oakland, CA
1976 Feb. Boz attains international stardom with the release of "Silk Degrees"
1976   Boz signs on his first manager, Irving Azoff, and soon was opening for the Eagles, Elton John, and the Beach Boys as well as headlining sizable shows of his own.
1976   "Lowdown" wins Grammy for Best R&B Song of the Year.
1976   Dallas-raised Boz Scaggs, who has left the Steve Miller Band and returned to the U.S., releases Silk Degrees. While his earlier albums have attracted critical acclaim, this is his first time up the charts. Silk Degrees goes to #2, and two of the tracks are hit singles, "Lowdown" and "Lido Shuffle." Scaggs is also rewarded with a Grammy for Best Rhythm and Blues Song for "Lowdown."
1977   Boz releases yet another platinum-selling record with the release of"Down Two Then Left"
1980   Boz strikes platinum a third time with "Middle Man"
1980   After the success of 1980, Boz goes into "semi-retirement"
1986   Boz begins working on the album "Other Roads"
1988   Boz opens nightclub in SF called "Slim's"

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